About SoilVation

At Soilvation Landscaping we have a passion for art, design, nature and horticulture. Our goal is to make the world a more beautiful place one garden at a time. We focus on bridging the outdoor world with functionality while maintaining and enhancing nature’s beauty at the same time bringing value to your property. The staff at Soilvation Landscaping spends hours researching the newest trends in design, materials and installations. We specialize in unique landscape and hardscape installations; there are no cookie cutter packages at Soilvation!

Our designer has had 11 years of experience designing and installing landscape and hardscapes. Nick has made it all the way from mother Russia to live in southeast Michigan. He studied in Moscow and in the South of Russia before the big leap across the pond. Many have commented about the European flare in his work. For the past few years Nick has spent his time working with customers in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. Customers appreciate Nick’s dedication and commitment to quality.

The maintenance director at Soilvation Landscaping has worked in maintaining customer’s lawns and gardens for over 9 years. Mike has had considerable experience in turf management and plant preservation. Customers enjoy Mike’s friendliness and the respect he extends to their homes and businesses. Many of our customers end up repeat customers because of their good experiences working with our team and many become good friends along the way!

We keep expanding to the Soilvation family. This year we've added several new members to our crew that our smart, energetic and hardworking! We appreciate all of your dedication to helping make our installations some of the best in southeast Michigan.

Call in the team at Soilvation Landscaping today where innovation meets salvation. Don’t spend your free time working hard in the yard, call in the professionals and spend your time enjoy your outdoor space. Let us create and maintain an innovative outdoor atmosphere where you can find a bit of salvation away from your busy life!